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Search Marketing

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Link Building, Blogging, Social Networking. None of them can get you into your customer’s search results consistently. Search Marketing from Allegra can.

Search Marketing Matters

People are online, right now, looking for someone with your expertise. They want to buy what you sell or use the services you provide. Will they find you?

Make it easier for them and with Allegra’s ClaimLOCAL™, which ensures that your business or organization is listed correctly on up to 12 of the most popular local search engines including Google and Bing. You’ll also connect with the “always-on” crowd of smartphone and tablet users wanting to find you so they can drop by and make a purchase.

ClaimLOCAL™ includes:

  • Fully reviewing your listings on up to 12 local search engines.
  • Assessing online directories that are targeted to your business type.
  • Creating a comprehensive profile of your business or organization for listing on up to 12 search engines.
  • Improving your online presence and search engine optimization by claiming your local listings.

Talk with Rob Holden at Allegra Bozeman today about claiming your local listings. He makes it easy.