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Mobile Marketing

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Marketing that your clients take with them everywhere they go? Mobile Marketing is where it’s at!

Most people use smartphones or tablets to search the web, but many websites haven’t been optimized to display correctly on their smaller screen size. Loyal, local customers may have the patience to clumsily navigate your full website on a small mobile screen, but what about the thousands of tourists who visit Bozeman.

If your primary website isn’t optimized for mobile, a visitor will likely bypass you and move on to a competitor’s optimized site. Think of the lost opportunities for your business.

Allegra’s GrowMOBILE™ fixes the problem. GrowMOBILE™ seamlessly takes your business or organization into the mobile marketing world by:

  • Adapting your primary website content to narrower columns for smartphones and tablets.
  • Keeping the “look and feel” of your primary website for your brand’s consistency.
  • Streamlining the mobile site so it loads and refreshes quickly.
  • Testing your mobile site on different brands of phones and tablets.
  • Using an intuitive management system for easy updates.

Make sure that everyone can find your business or organization on their phone or tablet. Contact Rob Holden and Glaucio Araujo at Allegra Bozeman!