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Email Marketing

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Everyone’s inbox fills with spam and unwanted emails. Work together with Allegra to ensure that your email marketing gets noticed.

Grow With Email

When a someone signs up to receive your organization’s emails they are ASKING you to communicate with them. You have their PERMISSION to tell them about events, promotions, goals, new employees and other newsworthy items. Since they asked, they welcome what you have to say.

Used correctly, email marketing is a low-cost tactic to put in your marketing toolbox. Research shows that emails containing personalized content and offers enjoy a nearly four-times greater click-through rate than broader generic email offers.1

Email marketing scores even better results when combined with other channels such as direct mail, but however you use it, email works to keep you “top of mind” with your subscribers. Building your list isn’t difficult, and Allegra Bozeman can hep you stay in compliance with current anti-spam regulations.

Talk to Rob Holden at Allegra Bozeman about putting email into your marketing mix.


1Janrain, Inc. From Information to Insights: Understanding Big Data Online, 2013