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Multi-Channel Campaigns

The Right Message, The Right Channel

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Hit them with a combo! Multi-Channel Marketing Plans from Allegra are sure to get attention.

Today, we all suffer from information overload. Messages bombard us through a multitude of media channels. Research shows we see or hear 5,000 messages per day, of which we notice only about 50, and remember only four or five.1 How can YOUR message rise above this noise and be remembered?

Put Allegra’s multi-channel strategy to work for you

  • Mobile Marketing – More than half of us have a smartphones or tablets.2 Most of us use them to search for local businesses and organizations like yours. Having a mobile presence is critical for strategic marketing.
  • Direct Mail – People still prefer to receive printed mail over email. You can use Allegra Bozeman’s bulk mailing permit to get postage discounts that help drive your marketing ROI higher.
  • Email Marketing – Nurturing customer relationships and providing welcome, relevant information is one of the key advantages of email marketing. E-mail marketing can also reinforce direct-mail marketing.
  • Signs, POP and Outdoor – Dynamic in-store displays and out-of-store ads are a traffic-building one-two punch in your local markets.
  • Social Media – Customers are more likely to trust you if their peers say they can. Cultivate positive reviews and referrals to attract new customers at minimal cost using social media channels.
  • Web Marketing – Whether your customers are interacting with you on mobile, laptop or desktop, Allegra Bozeman can smoothly integrate your campaigns across all of them.
  • Print – Create powerful and lasting impact with printed brochures, flyers and other marketing materials.

Let’s start finding you more customers and new sales. Want to learn more first? Take a look at our marketing strategy white papers.

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2comScore, 2013 Mobile Future in Focus, February 2013