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Custom marketing materials need to be ready to go on the fly. Web-to-Print solutions from Allegra are the key.

Manage Your Print Materials Online

Web-to-print can save you a lot of headaches, time and cost if you order printing for an organization with many employees or locations.
A great example of web-to-print…An employee of an Allegra Bozeman customer with 15 locations spent too much of his time as a go-between faxing and emailing business card proofs, and coordinating with the printer.
Allegra Bozeman solved the problem by creating a special website with a business card template that each employee now uses to enter their information. Employees immediately proofread their card online. When they click the submit button, a the website generates a pdf of the card and transmits it to Allegra Bozeman for printing and shipping
Even better, all business cards now printed for the company conform to design standards, an important part of establishing their brand.
The web-to-print site has grown to include personalized notepads, and letterhead and envelopes for each location. The employee previously in charge of printing now gratefully has full-time to spend on his more important duties as IT director for the company.

Allegra WorkstreamTM eCommerce

WorkStream eCommerce is an online ordering system that easily adapts for those who need a public-facing website to sell branded products that we manage and fulfill for you. A wide range of companies, both business-to-business and business-to-consumer, are enjoying the benefits of Allegra WorkStream eCommerce. It has helped benefit organizations in various industries such as hospitality, education, nonprofit and financial.

Could Web-to-print Help You?

A custom online web-to-print website might make sense for your organization if you:

  • Have multiple locations, products or brands to support
  • Need to maintain brand consistency among many employees and/or locations
  • Use and manage lots of documents
  • Have lots of employees that need personalized materials
  • Sell through dealers or distributors whom you must support with materials

With an online website customized to your organization, you get 24/7 access to customizable printed materials, ordered on demand to meet deadlines and lower costs. The bonus? No more storing large quantities or tossing out obsolete materials when an address, website or price listing changes.

What you need, when you need it . . . and everyone’s on the same page. Nice!
Rob Holden and Dan Himworth want to help you determine if web-to-print is a solution for managing you printing.