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Variable Data Printing

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When your potential clients receive a letter with a picture of their own business on it, they take notice. Variable Data Printing makes it happen.

Variable Data Makes it Personal

Print has always enjoyed powerful visual impact and mass marketing capabilities to your customers. Now, you can give print a turbocharge with new variable data printing (VDP) technology to make each customer feel special!

Variable data makes it possible to add unique messages and even photos that cater to each customer’s interests in your printed marketing materials. This personalized one-to-one marketing approach helps break through the clutter and appeals to each customer as an individual rather than one among the masses.

Get Personal for More Sales

Using a customer’s name and and acknowledging their interests through words or images can be hugely successful:

  • Personalizing your direct mail pieces can boost response rates by 30% or more.1
  • Your Invoices can offer new products or services based on past purchases on previous buying history.
  • Newsletters can be personalized to include a short feature of particular interest to one segment of your audience.

One of the keys to a successful variable data campaign is a creative layout that works well with the variable elements. Allegra Bozeman can create a compelling design and use its variable data printing technology to so that each of your customers and prospects feel special about you.
Talk with Rob Holden and Dan Himsworth at Allegra Bozeman. They can help you get personal with your customers for better marketing results.


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