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When collated stapling just won’t do, custom bindery from Allegra Marketing • Print • Mail is the best choice.

It’s Finished When It’s “Finished”

Your project’s not over when the when the ink is dry. Allegra Bozeman has a professional bindery, or finishing, department that takes pride in making your job look beautiful.

JoAnn Fitzpatrick has years of experience and the best brands of folders, booklet maker, paper cutters, slitter, digital creaser and too many other pieces of equipment to list. Most important, she takes the time and care with each piece of equipment she uses to ensure you will be happy with your “finished” project.

It may seem counterintuitive, but unusual jobs usually start with JoAnn, the finisher. She offers her advice on how to design a print project so that she can finished it in in a cost effective manner without surprises.

Talk with JoAnn in Bindery if you have a special project you need to finish.