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Meet the Allegra Team

Whether it’s B2C or B2B, small business or nonprofit, at the end of the day it’s all about people. The people of Allegra Bozeman, all of whom were Insty-Prints employee, are ready to take on all of your Marketing, Print and Mail needs.

As Insty-Prints Bozeman, we’ve been working with businesses, organizations and individuals since 1980. In those 34 years of business, Insty-Prints remained committed to this area through all the changes in our business, our community and our world. Going forward, the friendly and professional staff at Allegra Bozeman will carry on that same commitment.

Your Team Members

David Dickey
Fearless Leader

David has owned and operated small businesses in the past, and always placed an emphasis on providing exceptional service to his customers. Having visited the Bozeman and Big Sky areas several times over the past 15 years, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to both live and work in Bozeman. He plans on continuing the tradition set forth by Dan Himsworth of providing support to both the Bozeman community and local nonprofit organizations, while growing the Allegra brand and offering even more products and services to its customers.

Tracey Jones
General Manager

Tracey was literally born into the printing business. Her father, John Barnhart, owned and operated Speedy Print on Main Street by the Courthouse. Having learned from her Dad since she was young, in 2006 she took over the reins and became owner of Speedy Print. In 2012, she joined forces with Allegra of Bozeman’s previous owner, Dan Himsworth. Her thirty years of experience in the print industry and principled management skills are a great asset to the continued success of Allegra!

Rob Holden
Solutions Provider

Rob Holden joined Insty-Prints in 2008. He now helps Allegra client find cost-effective solutions to today’s marketing challenges. Which media do I use – print, direct mail, e-mail, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, local TV and radio? Rob can help you find a solution to get the most from your marketing budget.

Jackie Sorensen

Jackie has been part of the Allegra team since 1994. She has worked in multiple aspects of the business. Jackie settled into the role of bookkeeper in 2001, and has been counting our beans ever since.

Marie Apple
Customer Solutions Provider

Marie was born into the printing business alongside her mother, Tracey Jones, and grandfather John Barnhart who owned and operated Speedy Print. Marie started working at Speedy Print in 2005 and worked her way through all departments from bindery to graphic design to customer service. She joined forces with Insty-Prints in 2012 and is a tremendous asset as the lead Customer Solutions Provider.

Taylor Schultz
Customer Solutions Provider

Taylor graduated from Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming with an Associates Degree in Graphic Design. She designs part time in addition to being a Customer Solutions Provider at Allegra. She can assist you in getting your ideas transformed into a printed product.

Peggy Stroyan

Kayla Furlong
Customer Solutions Provider

Connie Griffin

Buck Palmer
Bindery & Deliveries

Tom Beausoleil

Tom’s print shop experience goes back to the days of photo-typesetting, when cut and paste involved scissors and a glue stick, not keys on the lower left of the keyboard. Desktop publishing greatly expanded the capabilities and creativity of printed media, for better or worse (check your personalized junk mail). In previous employment Tom utilized the services of what was then known as Insty-Prints. He joined Dan and the crew more than 5 years ago and continues to enjoy the work, employees and customers of Allegra.

Ann Maroso

Originally from Illinois, Ann moved to Montana in 2008. She has worked at Allegra for the past several years both as a Customer Solutions Provider and in the graphics/prepress department. She has a BFA and MFA in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois and enjoys hiking and running.

Brandon Mead
Graphic Design

Brandon interned for Allegra Marketing, Print & Mail while at Montana State University where he graduated in graphic design. He came on fulltime immediately after his graduation party to help you communicate with style. His specialties are logo and print design.

Julie Wyman

In 1984, right out of college, Julie started working for then-Kwik Kopy Printing in a tiny shop at the end of 7th. 4 years later Julie moved on, continuing to work in graphic design for the state of Montana, Pre-press operations, ad agencies, newspapers and graphic design agencies. In 2003, Julie returned to the shop that would soon change its name to Bozeman Printing Company, to work with the same design crew she had trained years earlier. Julie provided creative, original design work and produced an endless variety of printed material. She enjoys the fast pace of a print shop along with a good working environment and has a sincere desire to produce quality work.

Anne Jutila
Customer Service

Anne was the face of Bozeman Printing for almost 20 years. Besides assisting the walk-in customers and answering the many phone calls, Anne took care of the day-to-day running of this busy and fast paced print shop. Anne’s skills lent themselves to printing and copying on the large digital printers as well as finish work, and her organization kept jobs running smoothly through the shop to arrive safely in the customer’s hands right when they needed it.
“Customer relations” isn’t a catch phrase for Anne, it is a way of doing business. Bozeman Printing’s reputation of welcome, courtesy and sincerity were cemented in the foundation Anne laid from the first day she worked there.

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